Original contemporary/vintage polish posters

(1950s-1990s) - the antique & vintage art posters of tomorrow...the art investment for the future;
from the world-famous Polish School of Posters, recognized as the best in contemporary poster art comparable to France's La Belle Epoque of the 1890s.
Polish Posters
Decorating with CYRK... art

See how others display their CYRK... art:



Cepelia is the featured art in a recently renovated apartment in Athens, Greece.

Sarah G
Athens, Greece



Variations on a Theme by Purcell is a wonderful addition to an art-filled residence.

Marlene R
Juno Beach, FL

Solidarity/Solidarnosc greets visitors
as they enter.

Jim W
Green Valley, AZ




Jazz Jamboree '81 - 24th International Jazz Festival is a wonderful distraction
in a doctor's examing room.

New York, NY



LOT Polish Airlines
poster by Wiktor Gorka looks great "hanging out with its new friends".

James W
Philadelphia, PA




Bruno Schulz 1892-1942 definitely complements the drama of Lion with legs in air.

Lance F
Valencia, CA




"The lady is hanging in our cottage in Mont Tremblant"
... and it looks amazing.

Martin M
Toronto, Canada

A great CYRK... Swierzy duo!

Magdalena G
Ottawa, Canada




CYRK... posters really raise this staircase's
design quotient.

Stephen & Morgan R
Philadelphia, PA

A striking poster + placement!

Lizzie H
Jersey City, NJ




"I am very pleased with how they look and I'll treasure them forever!"

Rob C
Washington, DC



"[the poster is hanging] in our bedroom out in Colorado… we love it!"

Judy S
New York, NY

"I love the metaphors both [CYRK...] images conjure about life."

Los Angeles, CA



CYRK... @ Cyrk - 3 CYRK posters on the ground floor office at Portland's Cyrk Building - named for the posters,
the owner and what she refers to as "the three-ring circus her life sometimes resembles."

Bonnie S



CYRK... posters create a wonderful diptych and triptych arrangements.

Henry S



"Two Horses and Two Heroes. Your posters make our home beautiful."

Natick, MA

An amazing setting for an amazing poster.

Ariana N
New York, NY




"It's very hard to take photographs because of the angles of the room but here's a few... love them."

Sarasota, FL



A simple frame on a wood-panelled wall results in
an outstanding visual experience.

New York, NY




Zukowska’s 'Lady trainer with horses' is an amazing addition to a therapist’s office.

Los Angeles, CA

The '4 horses of the Apocalypse' look quite regal framed in gold.

New York, NY

"I'm so delighted with the juxtaposition of the beautiful Polish willow tree landscape & the Central Park background."

New York, NY




A charming watchful eye is a wonderful
addition to an office.

Lesley S
Southern CA

What better way to make a visit to the doctor less stressful!

New York, NY




An amazing look - CYRK... posters lovingly displayed in a West Coast home.

Brandy H
Snohomish, WA

"...my lovely '2 Headed Woman'.
Totally in love!"

Brandy H
Snohomish, WA



These two posters are outstanding focal points of a charming suburban home.

Stacey & Rick
Montclair, NJ

The happiness and complexity of Swierzy's design is strengthened by the bright sunshine in this Southern Californian room.

Neal & Margie
Los Angeles, CA



The natural outdoor beauty is enhanced by the stunning imagery of this poster.

Jack Z
Ann Arbor, MI

A most perfect setting - even the frame complements the poster!

K & D
Key Biscayne, FL




Monkey... really stands out in its white surroundings.

Mark D
Naples, FL

Sometimes deciding on a frame is difficult.

Mark D
Naples, FL




"...a great poster" which looks amazing.

Tracey E
United Kingdom

The 2017 'Magic in art' winner smiling proudly next to his poster now framed and hung.

Abi S
New York, NY




3 cheers for the red, white and blue.

New York, NY

The '2 hugging bears' really
stand out against the blue walls.

Stacey S
Montclair, NJ

A CYRK poster definitely
enhances the decor of a Fifth Ave store's menswear department.

New York, NY



The orange mat adds to the
dramatic coloring and
"the poster is beautiful!"

Jay Y
Madrid, Spain

The walrus seems to be playing a unifying song for the living room decor.

Stephanie M
Natick, MA

Fabolous how this Hilscher poster introduces the coloring of
the adjoining bath.

New York, NY



CYRK... posters add art and history to this charmingly decorated home.
Mark D
Naples, FL


"We love our poster!
She makes me smile
everyday and she resides in our
dining room."

Linda B
Traverse City, MI

The famous 'Solidarnosc' High Noon poster gracing the entrance of the new 'Solidarity' Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA.

Hilscher's lion appropriately
showing his teeth on a wall
of a dentist's office on
Manhattan's upper eastside.

Dr M. J.
New York, NY




The seal is framed - ready for his beach home.

Robin D
New York, NY

It is amazing how well the colors complement each other. Both the
bed and poster look especially stunning.

Nicole J
Melbourne, Australia

The very rare Juggler looking quite Fred Astaire elegant.

Eric T
Scottsdale, AZ




Decorating a legal office - balancing the scales of justice.

Alice S
New York, NY

Unique triptych of Pagowski’s handprint series - "We always get compliments on them - people find them so intriguing!"

Samiah Z
New York, NY

"Cabaret" - one of his 14 Broadway plays.

John Kander
New York, NY




'Life is a cabaret
ol' chum...
and I love a Cabaret.'

Joel Grey, USA

"A great combination of style and color."

Chris J,

"It all rocks!"

David & Karen,
Princeton, NJ

"The tiger has come home"

Ulla, Denmark


After a long search, Spy Clown finally found a place in the office of its new owner.

Erwin W,
Vienna, Austria

The CYRK... "3 lions in silhouette," makes the room more inviting and helps bring the room together.

Litchfield, CT

"I received the poster... [it] is just magnificent..."

Jaques V,
Le Sentier, Switzerland



"Robert and I think your posters are the best part of our new home. We had bland white walls, lots of minimally furnished space -- your posters made the space vibrant. They really "pop" against the mostly neutral background. We love them!" Amy & Robert G., Fire Island, NY



"This poster is a great addition to our home. We love the vibrant colors!"

Mary B, FL

"Here’s the poster framed and on our dining room wall! We love it!!"

Stephanie M, Mass.

"Here is the dramatic cat poster that now dominates our small bedroom... [and complements] the picture on its left which is a crown made of tiny Hebrew characters"

Maxine R, NYC

"The poster adds appropriate color to our grey & silver master bedroom."

"We love how the sleeping lion looks in the gold frame!"


"Our girls love the poster - we do, too!  It brings art and history to their room."

"I finally got it framed and hung. It looks wonderful at home." Mitchell K, NYC

CYRK posters adorning the walls of The CYRK-Winnipeg’s best live performance venue. The 'Star' attraction in a minimalist room.
Lisa B, NJ


What a wonderful way to decorate a stairway - 3 historical Solidarnosc posters.
Dave P, Minn.


A theater poster 'living well' and enhancing other art.
Ted S, Wayne, PA
Swierzy’s Jazz Greats decorate B28 - a new whisky and jazz bar in Singapore.

Bar Lubitsch, an Eastern European themed trendy & chic West Hollywood (California) bar, has chosen posters from the Polish School of Posters to enhance its decor.


These three great jazz posters, beautifully commanding the room's attention.

Jacek D.
Los Angeles,CA


3 CYRK posters adding their charm to the city of light.

Cassey T.
Paris, France

"Here is the new home for the cat poster....getting a lot of positive feedback on it."

Robin & David


Two very different posters - CYRK & Beatles."I love the Paul... it's like having another roommate."

Paul C.
San Francisco, CA



A sleek modern office enhanced by
striking & extraordinary CYRK posters.
Schaumberg, IL

Charming: the poster, the setting & the young lady.

Avon, CT

  Political activism at times begins early.


"My favorite 'easy chair' and my favorite CYRK poster".
Jose C., Astoria, NY
"When this came in the mail I was completely blown away. It is so beautiful I could cry" Moira M. LA CA "Our CYRK... posters have pride of place in our living room" Nick G, London, UK "A comfortable place to see & do magic!" - David, Sevierville, TN
" I LOVE my poster.  I choose the distressed wood gold frame to pick up the colors of the stool.  I think it makes for a clean and handsome presentation."  Ademar M., Portland, OR "We are really enjoying our CYRK poster.  Our entire construction crew for our renovation was Polish so they really appreciated our finishing touch." Joyce F., New York, NY

A well decorated living room with the two Hubert Hilscher CYRK posters with legs in the air!
(note: the dress colors match the poster colors.)
-Martin S. (Columbia, MO)
"I just wanted to say share a few of our prized posters with you. The posters are hung in our Living room and are great conversation pieces. Your website is amazing! Keep up the good work..." Melissa and Matt - Ludlow, MA.




"..thank you. She (my daughter) loves her horse posters." - Matt & Nancy F., Los Angeles, CA "...pictures of the posters in my home. I love the posters." - Kara T., Raleigh, NC

Carol & Steve F.
Demarest, NJ
A home furnishing shoppe, Brighton, UK "Thank you so much...we absolutely love them - they are a great distraction!"  - Stuart & Zinnia, Brighton, UK This graphic artist has good taste. "My wife LOVES our poster - as do I." - Matthew S., NYC

"We have a wonderful collection of CYRK's now...
our own building...very architecturally pleasing--very modern...
The posters look amazing!" - TV production company's new office,
Toronto, Ont, CA (see old office pix somewhere below)

This private practice pediatrician's office is part of a major area hospital.  The posters make children comfortable while waiting to see the doctor.  6 CYRK posters make the doctor's office come alive.  If awards are given for decorating in this category, this office wins #1 place.  Our 'hats off' to such a successful use of CYRK posters in an office setting.  Jeannette T., Amherst, MA

"It looks great framed & hung".
Yes, Dr., it does!
Mrs Lance F., Valencia, CA
A well placed poster,
Alice & Tom N.,
New York, NY
A new retail food shop.
"The poster attracts attention
& conversation. Many
customers know about the
Polish School of Posters
and ask about CYRK."
Luan S. & Tim W., Portland, OR

The hard-fo-find 'Giselle' poster exquisitely
framed alongside an antique vintage poster in a
beautifully decorated prestigious medical office.
Congrats! Dr. Julie M., NY, NY
"A 'stunning' poster decorates
another wall in my son's room"
Cathryn L., Cincinnati, OH

"This is our 3rd CYRK poster
in 3 years. They look great!"
Ada M. & Steve A,
New York, NY
  "...in my son's room based solely on
the vibrancy of the yellow...in good
company with the Pokemon poster."
Cathryn L., Cincinnati, OH
  CYRK posters go with prints
Ira G., Los Angeles, CA

"It was a great dining experience, and the prices were really reasonable. Your posters were pretty & added a lot to the pleasant ambiance." - An unsolicited comment by customers at Warszawa Restaurant, a popular Polish restaurant in Santa Monica, CA. Ada M. & Steve A.'s
New York City apartment
A beautifully framed
CYRK poster.
Lesley & Dave S.,
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Howard W.,
Miami, FL
"It looks great."
(Yes, Dr., it does!)
1st from Scotland!
Jason D., Coatbridge, Scotland
"It's fantastic! I liked it so much I made 2 posters of it. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thanks."
A beautiful kitchen
Gerry & Millie C.
West Palm Beach, FL

'A great poster deserves a great frame!' Mark G., Hewlett, NY

"The Boys' Rooms," Huntington, NY
"The pictures are in each of the boys' rooms. They enjoy them as much as we do! They add color & interest to the room. Our youngest loves to count the horses."

Our 1st CYRK posters in Denmark!
Hugin J., LYNGE, Denmark

Jon M., Sutton-on-Hull, Yorkshire, UK, owner of a theater company that brings circus acts to young people. "The stripes on the ceiling of my room are symbolic of the Big Top."

Livingroom/den in a beautifully decorated modern home.
(note: CYRK poster sold framed & shipped by Contemporary Posters)
"...Yes, I LOVE IT!!! P.S. Put me down as another satisfied customer!"
    - Kathy P., San Jose, CA

Living room, Torrington, CT

A home/office, Van Nuys, CA

A living room, New York, NY
(Note: beautiful frame!)

A lawyer's office, New York, NY

Child's room, State College, PA

Sam's room, Seattle, WA

A baby's room, Ann Arbor, MI

Toronto, Canada TV production company decorates with 12 CYRK posters

A tastefully framed
CYRK poster

Sam B., age 5 months, baby's room

Living room
A city apartment, New York, NY

A city apartment, New York, NY

"I love my 'Lion Ringmaster.' It gets lots of attention from all my friends that visit my dorm room." Rutgers University dorm room, Dominika K., New Brunswick, NJ

A home
Bethesda, MD

A city apartment, New York, NY

Villa Daffodil,
St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles

A Home Office, Northbrook. IL

An office, New York, NY

A home, Naples, FL

THE CAFÉ, Milwaukee Hilton, Milwaukee, WI

A Country Home, Torrington, CT

Above L to R - 6 red posters replaced with 6 black posters.
(Note: non-glare UV - ultra-violet - plastic used.)
A City Apartment, New York, NY

A Home, Demarest, NJ


A Country House
St. Cannat (Provence), France

A Sales Promotion Office, Los Angeles, CA
decorates with 13 CYRK posters

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