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(1950s-1990s) - the antique & vintage art posters of tomorrow...the art investment for the future;
from the world-famous Polish School of Posters, recognized as the best in contemporary poster art comparable to France's La Belle Epoque of the 1890s.
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Mona Lisa 1970/72/75/78
Artist: Maciej Urbaniec (1925-2004)
a popular artist whose Mona Lisa poster was commemorated by the issuance of a Polish postage stamp in 2002.

Category: CYRK

Lulu 1980/83
Artist: Franciszek Starowieyski (1930-2009)
the first Polish poster artist to have a solo show at MoMA [1985]; his iconography often invokes baroque themes.

Category: Opera

Wozzeck 1964/1979
Artist: Jan Lenica (1928-2001)
his art often combines the surrealistic with the realistic, emphasized by dramatic and strong color contrasts.

Category: Opera

The Swindle 1957
Artist: Jan Lenica
his style can at times vary from the lyrical as in Wozzeck (above) to the more subdued of The Swindle (left).

Category: Film

NO! 1952, c1960s
Artist: Tadeusz Trepkowski (1914-1954)
one of the founders of the Polish School of Posters; honored by the establishment of an annual Trepkowski Award for the best graphic design.

Category: Political

Macbeth 1981
Artist: Andrzej Pagowski (b. 1953)
a prolific poster artist whose concept is to create a unique idea for each of his posters; presently leads his own advertising agency.

Category: Theater

Exodus 1974
Artist: Jan Sawka (b. 1946)
currently a New York resident; in his poster art he reduces complex messages to simple and expressive forms.

Category: Theater

Before the Day Breaks 1977
Artist: Jerzy Czerniawski (b.1947)
his posters are often reflective with a penchant for nonconformity in a muted lyrical style.
Category: Film

Other artists in the MoMA exhibit: posters on our website

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artist: Roman Cieslewicz (1930-1996)
residing and working in Poland and France, he became a renown poster artist in both Eastern and Western Europe.

posters pictured: 3 Basset Hounds 1966; Forefathers [the play's closing by the government incited 1968 political turmoil] 1967

artist: Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004)
his distinctive posters reflect an extraordinary sense of composition and fun with frequent use of geometric shapes.

posters pictured:
Kabaret 1973/90s; Marathon Man 1977

artist: Mieczyslaw Gorowski  (b. 1941)
currently an art professor in Krakow, he focuses on intellectual concepts in muted tonality.
posters pictured:
Jewish Community 1864-1939 c.1987; Jewish Culture 1989

artist: Jan Mlodozeniec (1929-2000)
one of the most painterly poster artist with a Rousseau-like style of flat, rich colors with large black contour lines.

posters pictured:
American Western Painting Exhibit 1974; Clown With Sling Shot 1974/1978/1979

artist: Marcin Stajewski  (b.1938)
in addition to posters, his art includes book illustrations, stage sets as well as industrial design.

posters pictured:
The Tailor 1979; Trans-Atlantic 1984

artist: Jerzy Srokowski (1910-1971)
his oeuvre extended beyond posters and included set design, cartoons for various media and illustrations.

posters pictured:
Bear Biking
1970; The Physicist 1962

artist: Henryk Tomaszewski (1910-1971)
considered by many to be the father of the Polish School of Posters, he created a unique visual language.

posters pictured:
Die Fledermaus 1970; The Marriage 1974




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